Twitter and Personal learning networks

It suddenly, occurred to me this evening that it was about time I was thinking about another blog post. I have attended 3 etmooc sessions this week on blackboard and suddenly found a blackboard app for my iPad this evening so I’m looking forward to attending the next session on my ipad in comfort instead of sitting up in a hard chair on the desktop computer (showing my age now with my aching bones!)

One of the sessions I have attended this week was about twitter. My twitter account was protected until a few weeks ago and I didn’t really use it because it’s so public and I didn’t want students to see my account but I’ve recently discovered a large community of fantastic teachers on there and I’m finding it a great tool for professional development. In fact I wouldn’t have found out about etmooc if it weren’t for twitter! I am also attending my first teach meet on Feb 1st after the Bett technology fair and I’m really excited at the prospect of meeting these “twitter” people in person but very nervous too. They all sound so much more confident and competent than me but I’m trying to push myself to do more things that are out of my comfort zone this year.

Well it’s funny how the words just start to flow when you’re writing a blog – or maybe I was just lucky this time! I’ve also started reading a lot of teacher blogs recently and some of them are amazing…makes my little attempt seem very paltry but I am a learner! Below is a link to some tips which I have found very useful while learning how to connect with educators on twitter.



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3 responses to “Twitter and Personal learning networks

  1. Great post, twitter can be a powerful tool. I’m so glad you took the jump into etmooc and thank you as you left a comment on my blog. I think it is discouraging when we do not get comments when we have something to say. It’s important to us. We have a lot in common and I will be following your blog. Thank your for the great link. The 20 tips for a PLN are excellent and so up to date and true. I’m glad we have etmooc so we can work on commenting and expanding our networks! Looking forward to sharing. Great post!

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