Snow day Blogging and sharing

Today was a snow day in Wales which gave me plenty of time to catch up on the etmooc sessions which I hadn’t had a chance to attend during the last week. I watched 2 playbacks today, the first was sharing as accountability. This session made me think about how I have tried to share more with colleagues recently but very often come up against a brick wall, like when I tell them how great twitter is for setting up a PLN – and get strange looks in reply! I also send a lot of emails with information but within my own department very often get no acknowledgement much less thanks. The main thing I took away from Dean’s session was that I should carry on sharing even if it seems I’m getting nothing back – it’ll come back in other ways.

Then I went on to watch the introduction to blogging thinking I wouldn’t get much from it as I’ve done quite a lot of blogging with my students (but very little myself!) I have used Google reader and know how to set it up but for some reason I hadn’t got around to adding the etmooc blog hub and I hadn’t realised how important it was to read other people’s blogs and leave comments for them. I had been wholly focused on writing my own blogs (even if I hadn’t got very far with that either). A very valuable session with lots of information and now I have all those blogs in my reader to catch up with once a day (I hope)




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12 responses to “Snow day Blogging and sharing

  1. Hi Maireadcan (i trust this is your name) very beautiful picture on your blog.
    I do agree blogging is a social medium, only when one does read blogs of other people. I wonder if your students would like blogging the social way, commenting on each others blogs?

    • Hi Jaap
      My name is Mairead and Can is the first part of my second name. I suspect that my students would very much enjoy commenting on each other’s blogs and that’s something I’m going to do with one of my classes as a trial this week. Thank you for the idea and the comment

  2. Hi Mairead.
    I know what you mean about sharing sometimes being unappreciated or unreciprocated but I agree with you, keep on sharing. For me, it is a part of who I am and I couldn’t not share with my colleagues.
    I signed up for Quadblogging last year (google it if interested) and it was great for my students. It linked us with three other classes of a similar age from overseas who blog and we each took turns to be the focus blog. This really helped my students learn about the importance and value of commenting.
    Keep sharing!

    • Hi Mary
      I have heard of quadblogging over the last few weeks on twitter and I am going to bring it up with my department – unfortunately I can’t just sign a class up for it at the secondary level without agreeing it with the department and discussing where it fits into our curriculum. It sounds like a wonderful activity and I really hope we get to try it soon but for now I’m going to move my classes forward by getting them to read and comment on each other’s blogs.

  3. Jeanne

    I understand about the resistant co-workers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers who don’t want to share work or accept new ideas for various reasons, but mainly I think it comes down to the fact that it takes time and effort. The great thing about this day and age is that you can get feedback and ideas from people all over the world. Keep working at sharing with your co-workers; some of them will come around eventually.

  4. Okay, I am confused. I thought that you lived and worked in Ireland? This is what happens when you MOOC-a-round a lot. Details can get jumbled. Glad that you had a snow day to get caught up. I think that you may be a little bit too hard on yourself in terms of commenting and blogging. Remember, the class JUST started and you work all day. This cyber world can really be like a vortex. Or maybe it’s like the borg? It’s already 9:30 EST time and I keep saying to myself, just one more, just one more connection! It’s all good, but in due time.

    Here’s to more snow days. Next time. a cup o’ joe and a good book…just the trick for an idea for the next blog!

    • Sorry Laurie I’m sure it’s my fault that you are confused as I started my introductory video by saying I was Irish and grew up in Ireland (we Irish love to brag about our roots) I live and teach in Cardiff, Wales now although I still visit Ireland (home) at least twice a year. I think we educators are all probably a little hard on ourselves especially those of us who give up so much of our free time trying to expand our networks and our knowledge. You’re right about the good book too….all work and no play….

  5. Hi Mairead

    Glad my session on Intro to Blogging did help! I spent a lot of time checking through the posts coming into the etmooc hub to work out what were the essential skills participants needed to be effective as part of the etmooc while also acquiring the skills for developing it with their students.

    The other important aspect is the recording was lost in space and they were only able to recover it yesterday. I ran a repeat session of it again today. Hopefully they’ll also share the new recording as people like Alan Levine, Sue Wyatt and Penny (@penpln) shared their advice with participants so there was other great advice included.

    Here is my post that summarise the content and links I shared in the session -


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  7. Mary B.

    Hi Mairead,

    I too realised that I haven’t been practicing what I preach this year because I have asked my students to blog as a way of improving their writing but have not been blogging myself. I have found that connecting with other classes to leave comments on my students blogs has greatly increased their motivation to blog. The same can be said for recieving my comments on my blog! Shall we resolved to keep blogging and commenting just like says?

    • Hi Mary

      Yes we shall resolve that and I think it will be a very worthwhile learning experience. I started trying to change my blogging behaviour with 2 of my classes today, with mixed results….about which I am about to blog…

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