I’m so looking forward to starting #etmooc next week. I’ve been looking for and thinking about taking a course for quite some time now and have recently started using twitter for educational purposes – I never did see the point of it before! I’m enthralled with twitter at the moment and all the amazing teachers and advice and support I have found on there which makes me even more excited about sharing etmooc with so many people. Look forward to collaborating with you all 🙂 I am @maireadc on twitter


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  2. Welcome to the cMOOC, Maireadan. (I’ll look for the pronunciation using Google Translator!) Did you participate in the introduction last night? The time frame probably precluded you from doing so with the time difference. I know that they’ll run it again. I look forward to meeting you through your blog. Thanks for reading mine. It’s a professional portfolio for an MEd program in Adult Learning, which is why many of the blogs are long and reference researchers. I will include blogs for all of the MOOCs that I’ll take so that it will make my learning visible. I’m also enrolled in the Coursera MOOC through the University of Edinburgh that begins on the 28th. It will be a busy, yet exciting time.

    • Hi Laurie,

      My name is Mairead which is pronounced like parade. I was very disappointed not to be able to participate last night but the session was at 12 midnight and I had to be up at 6. I will be doing the catch up session this evening at 6pm which is a much more civilized time for us teachers 🙂 I am enrolled with the Edinburgh edcmooc beginning 28th Jan too so I think or paths will be crossing quite a lot over the next several weeks! I am already loving the new stuff I’m learning and how eager people are to share their learning. I’m very excited and looking forward immensely to both courses.


  3. Thanks for the pronunciation, Mairead! I know that time differences are challenging. Those of us who are trying to maintain the FB Group page for #edcmmoc are starting to go crazy with all of the requests to join. We finally realized that it would be advantageous to have someone from down under to help Chris, who lives in Edinburgh, to update while the rest of us are sleeping. Oh, the trials and tribulation and the fun of having global friends!

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