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Snow day Blogging and sharing

Today was a snow day in Wales which gave me plenty of time to catch up on the etmooc sessions which I hadn’t had a chance to attend during the last week. I watched 2 playbacks today, the first was sharing as accountability. This session made me think about how I have tried to share more with colleagues recently but very often come up against a brick wall, like when I tell them how great twitter is for setting up a PLN – and get strange looks in reply! I also send a lot of emails with information but within my own department very often get no acknowledgement much less thanks. The main thing I took away from Dean’s session was that I should carry on sharing even if it seems I’m getting nothing back – it’ll come back in other ways.

Then I went on to watch the introduction to blogging thinking I wouldn’t get much from it as I’ve done quite a lot of blogging with my students (but very little myself!) I have used Google reader and know how to set it up but for some reason I hadn’t got around to adding the etmooc blog hub and I hadn’t realised how important it was to read other people’s blogs and leave comments for them. I had been wholly focused on writing my own blogs (even if I hadn’t got very far with that either). A very valuable session with lots of information and now I have all those blogs in my reader to catch up with once a day (I hope)




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